Men's Trip to Zion

Rolling in in front of a storm, our first day riding bicycles up canyon.  We scout and look up.

we stop under shelter when it really rains.  We stay dry. Timing is a beautiful thing.

Friends arrive in the evening , we camp and laugh. Delux accommodations, no sleeping on the dirt.

Next day we eat, bike, hike, and climb. It is one man's first time ever here.  I feel blessed to show him a way up seemingly impossible terrain.

The next day we summit a big mountain.  We look over the canyon. We all give thanks to the Sun.

The next day we climb into fifth class terrain, up into the sky where an airplane smashed into the canyon wall.  Above this mistake, the landscape is open for us.

We celebrate a thousand other small journey's along the way.  I can only fill you in a couple of details.  You would have to be there to completely understand the laughter, most internet attention is too short for these stories.  Pictures can help. 

More Trees Please

Several people have liked the pictures of old trees I have posted.  Bristlecone Pine and Alligator Juniper as I have posted before.

These are Jeffery Pine.  Location, High Sierra, Tioga Pass.  I had moved camp from Yosemite Valley and arrived in the high country.  A bit of snow and water even in drought stricken California, there is beauty everywhere.  These trees reminded me of birds being brought out of the winds of nature.  The slowly eroding stumps, branches, and limbs of these trees were fantastic to walk through on this fine June day. During my short stay, I noticed many of the mountain birds all around me.  Chickadee, Creeper, and Clarks Nutcracker being just about everywhere.  Enjoy!